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Beckman Coulter Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Workstation
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Robotics & Liquid Handlers
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Product Description :


Equipment Overview 

The Biomek®  2000 Laboratory Automation Workstation automates liquid-handling tasks such as pipetting, diluting and dispensing. Controlled by BioWorks™ software, virtually any liquid-handling procedure can be automated. The modular platform has options for plate heating and cooling, plate washing, high-density transfers, photometric measurement and high-capacity operation.


BioWorks Software

ü       Step-by-step simple graphic menus and prompts for fast, simple setup

ü       Workstation methods are easily configured to follow laboratory techniques

ü       All methods are validated for consistency

ü       System configurations are automatically verified

ü       Potential conflicts are detected by the software


Biomek Tools

ü       Interchangeable Liquid-Handling Tools Allow Easy Modification to Meet Expanding Research Requirements

ü       Pipette tools transfer from 1 µ to 1 mL with high precision

ü       Faster throughput achieved with multichannel tools

ü       Inefficient wash steps of probe-based systems are avoided by using disposable pipette tips with proven contamination-free liquid transfers

ü       Effective tracking of liquid levels is achieved with patented sonic liquid-sensing technology which accurately detects microliter volumes of both conductive and non-ionic liquids


Stacker Carousel

The Biomek Stacker Carousel provides external supply and storage of microplates, deep-well plates, and P20 and P250 pipette tips for the Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Worstation. This increases capacity and walk-away operation of the Biomek 2000 for all applications.


Two configurations, for use on the left side or right side of the Biomek 2000

Up to two carousels can be used at once

Two types of stacks:

-Stacker 20 - holds up to 20 lidded or unlidded microplate

-Stacker 10 - holds ip to 10 lidded or unlidded tip racks, deep well plates and/or reservoirs

Control of the Stacker Carousel is integrated into BioWorks software that controls the Biomek 2000

Biomek Gripper Tool is used to transfer plates from Stacker Carousel shuttle to Biomek 2000 work surface.



Biomek Applications

Many life science procedures and techniques have been effectively automated by Biomek systems as confirmed by the large number of references and citations in the scientific literature. The Biomek 2000 now extends laboratory automation with advanced performance, increased options and simplified operation. This application base includes:


ü       Immunology

ü       ELISA

ü       EIA

ü       RIA

ü       Forensic Blood Typing

ü       Molecular Biology

ü       DNA Sequencing

ü       DNA Fingerprinting

ü       PCR Processes

ü       DNA Template Preparation

ü       High-Density Library Maintenance and Screening

ü       Sample Quantitation and Normalization

ü       Drug Discovery

ü       Receptor Binding Assays

ü       Cytotoxicity Assays

ü       Cellular Viability Assays

ü       High-Density Hybridoma Screening

ü       Biochemistry

ü       Protein Assays

ü       Enzyme Studies

ü       Sample Preparation

ü       Molecular Diagnostics

ü       HLA Typing

ü       Genetic Screening

ü       Viral Detection

ü       Quality Control

ü       LAL Endotoxin

ü       Liquid Extractions

ü       Tissue Culture

ü       Sterile Techniques

ü       Cell-Based Procedures

ü       Monoclonal Antibody Production

ü       Cell Transfection 

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